This is a German nursery rhyme              this is a translation of the

My mother always said to me                   meaning not word for word                   


Tros tros trillie                                        Tros tros trillie

der bauer hatten ein fillie                            the farmer had a pony

das fillie kann nicht laufen                          the pony could not run

der Bauer wills verkaufen                         the farmer wanted to sell it

der bauer musst besoffen                            the farmer must have been drunk

er legte es in einen Wagen                          because he put the pony in a cart

und ritten über den groben                         and drove over the a rough road

Der Wagen fiel in einen Graben                 the cart fell in the trench


Lauft das Fillie weg                                  the pony ran away

Der Bauer fiel in den Dreck                     the farmer fell in the dirt

Und auf der Katze                                   and on the cat

sagte die Katze meow, meow, meow           the cat said meow, meow, meow.