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     The year was 1955. It was a time when life was simpler. Kids could ride bikes and explore the woods without parental supervision as long as they were home by curfew. They played marbles, jacks, and baseball, and getting dirty was considered a part of every kid’s life.

     Roxanne’s one desire in life was to have adventures. She longed to break out of the pristine, sterilized world her overprotective mother had carved out for her and her twin brother Braxton. However, when Roxanne sought adventure, she usually found trouble instead. Could her adventures turn deadly and shake the very foundation of their lives?

     Roxanne discovers a journal that documents an 70-year-old curse and indicates that Braxton will be the next victim. She and her friends form a secret club and try to solve the mystery. When their strange new friend offers to show Roxanne how to break the curse, she readily agrees, but at what cost?

Annebelle's Journal/ The adventures of Roxanne Swanson

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  • 1st book in The Adventures of Roxanne Swanson series.

    5x8 248pages

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