Why won't anyone help me?

I wanted someone to tell me if my book was interesting, stupid or what. I asked several people to read it. No one had the time or the interest to read after the first chapter. Really? It was that boring? Rewrite!

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What the heck was I thinking?

Ever ask yourself that question? I ask it of myself all the time. My latest subject is retirement. What made me think retirement was going to be so great? Of course, this is just my first week so, it

Doesn't Everyone Write in Code

My husband and I were talking and laughing about this the other day. Until then, I didn't realize it was weird, but now that I think about it, I guess I have to agree. I write my grocery list in code.

Switching Directions

The Rocky Mountain Forest Fenn treasure has been found. No details yet on who found it or exactly where, but Fenn says the finder sent hime of a picture and it was where Fenn left it 10 years. So, tha

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