While the cat's away...

The cat being my husband is paranoid about Covid. "Wear your mask", "Wash your hands", is his constant mantra even though we have been fully vaccinated. Well, being all smart like I am, I let down my guard once I was here in Wyoming. Big mistake!
Today is the first day in a week that I feel like a human being again. Covid kicked my behind properly. Seven days of body aches, three of those gasping for every breath. Three days unable to even get out of bed. Mix in anxiety attack and the fact that I ran out of anxiety medicine (which makes me suicidal), lack of taste, lack of smell, runny noise, earaches, sore throat, and my eyes could not stand any light. So, in a nutshell, lying in a dark room, near death and ready to kill myself any minute. What a week.
The bright spot in the otherwise miserable week, was that my daughter was an excellent caretaker. First night she brought home two buckets of egg drop soup. Yes, I said buckets. These containers looked like minnow buckets. The next night she brought in the medicine. Chloraseptic Max, TheraFlu, both day and night formulas, Sucrets, a vaporizer, Vicks, Musinex, and a vase of Daisies. What a good kid. (she's in her 40s but still a kid to me).
I have lived on a diet of Chicken and Rice, Chicken and Stars, Chicken Ramen and of course the Egg drop soup. Too bad I couldn't taste any of it. Daughter also made banana nut muffins. I think they were good! I'll try again today.
Anyway, long story short...Please take precautions concerning Covid. It is no joke. While I was battling the short version, someone I know passed away after weeks of intensive care. Wear your mask and wash your hands.