I read somewhere that if you aren't sick of your story by the time you are through editing and rewriting that you haven't done it enough times. I think I am there,,,until I get to the end and then I sigh because it was so good. Toot-toot.


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My Current Project

This is a my book in a nutshell. When Roxanne's father inherits the old family plantation, new friends and adventures await Roxanne and her twin brother Braxton. Join them as they try to solve a 70 ye

Forever a newbie!

Found sheets to write out character traits and others to plot out chapters. That was a great help.I submitted my first draft to be evaluated. It said my sentences were too short and my writing style w

Still a newbie.

Where am I going with this story? I think one thing and then switch thoughts in mid chapter. I have to decide on a plot and a path to get there. Characters traits are wishy washy. I need a plan to sti

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