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Survived Wyoming

My trip to Wyoming was a lot of fun except when it wasn't. I got out of Covid isolation on the 15th. Went to get a pedicure the next day. I deserved it right.
My back hurt so badly I could hardly walk. At Sunday at I prayer at church for my back. Afterward, I felt so good that I figured I could get my daughter to help me move some fence panels to finish the fence between her deck and retaining wall.

Thinking in my head that I am still 20-25 years old, I tried to step from deck to retaining wall which is 2 feet away and 2 feet taller. Somewhere something went wrong. I think it had to do with gravity and the weight of my behind. Anyway, I came crashing down, leg hitting the retaining wall or deck. Whatever it was, it was a lot harder than the skin on my leg.

I went to CareNow thinking I had broken my leg. Many x-rays later the verdict was no break. Great right. The next day I was back to building the fence. Over the next few days, my leg began to get red and very warm. I flew home Friday night. Saturday my leg was killing me. Monday I went to my primary care physician. I have a skin infection from knee to ankle. Antibiotics, antibiotic cream, hot compresses 3 times a day, elevated leg for 3 days. Hmmm.

Not my style at all. Confinement twice in one month. I am without purpose. I just limp around the house like a lost puppy when I am not watching daytime T.V. I can't wait to go outside and play or work or whatever.

So, with all that being said, I plan to go back to Wyoming in May. I will try to stay out of trouble the next time. No Guarantees.
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