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If you ordered my book, I would love for you to leave a review on Amazon. It is easy to leave a review (anonymously or not). Find the book’s page on Amazon by typing the title in the Amazon search bar. Go to my Author Page. You can find it on the book page if you click on my name in blue under a title, to the left of “(Author)”.

Once on the page, scroll down to where you see “Write a customer review” and click on it. If you don’t want to use your real name, once you click on the “Write a customer review” button, look in the upper right corner to change your reviewer name.

Your review does not appear instantly. It must be checked first. Amazon may not post a review where the reviewer says they know the author. So don't claim that you know me. Most people don't claim me anyway so no point starting now. (LOL) Another place to leave a review is (which is owned by Amazon). While you are on my Author page, please "like" me if you do.

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