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Nutberger Extraordinaire

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Yep, that's me. For years I have entertained my co-workers with my old-fashioned language. Phrases like Tom-foolery, fisticuffs, crimany-cats, heavens to Betsy, and yes nutberger. What is a nutberger you say? Well, in my world it is someone who is a little bit odd. In my case, a lot bit odd. I march to my own drummer, dance to the music in my head, and talk to the people in my head (probably the ones making the music), I know it sounds arrogant to say, but I love me. I am my own best friend. If I could clone myself I would, just so I could hang out with me. I crack myself up with my own jokes that no one else gets. Maybe I am just crazy...nah...I prefer nutberger.

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