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Is the third time actually charmed? 9/12/2017

I gave up on that solve and decided to check out Yellowstone. Two of my kids went this time mainly to keep me from doing something stupid. We did the Joe Brown put in, Yankee Jim Canyon route. Beautiful scenery but no treasure. We camped at Mammoth Hot Springs Campground. Being the trusting soul that I am, I had asked one of my sons to grab a tent for me out of the garage. Not until I went to set it up did I realize it was a child's tent. Oh well, fetal position it is! We heard elk calling back and forth and kept hearing a deep throat-ed sound. I thought a man I had seen earlier was trying to scare us. I got out of my tent and shown my little pen light on the bushes. To my surprise, a set of paddle antlers emerged followed by a big moose. I quickly ducked back in my tent and waited while he wandered through camp. My heart was beating out of my chest but that was an awesome moment!

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