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As I have gone alone in there. 9/10/2016

Updated: May 29, 2020

I couldn't find anyone to go with me this time. Can you believe 5 grown kids and not one would go with me. No worries. I'm used to rejection. It would take more than that to keep me from my goal. It had been raining all morning and everything was wet and slick. I made it safely through a slick muddy space on the trail and then while celebrating my victory tripped on a rock. (see video for a good laugh) After checking for injuries and finding none, I was ready to cross the river. I brought a rope with me.. I would tie one end to a tree and the other around my waist. That way if I lost my footing, I wouldn't get swept down river too far. The water was deeper and running faster than I remembered. I could visualize my feet getting swept out from under me and tethered to a tree, beating my head repeatedly against the boulders (heavy loads)in the waters high. I abandoned my plan. I contented myself with sitting by the river and enjoying the sounds of nature. Rustlings in a dense thicket kept me wary, but nothing else disturbed my peaceful solitude.

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