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Am I getting too old for this?

Like Forrest, I thought I was dying. Because of work and distance,I had never been able to spend much time with my now teenage granddaughters. I decided to take them on a 10 day camping trip and treasure hunt. We drove North out of Kansas, Nebraska, swung over into Iowa and then turned west. We camped in South Dakota. They hardly talked to me and I was considering taking them back home. The next day we got a conversation going over the many signs we saw to "Wall Drug". We had a lot of fun guessing what it was and why it was named that. We drove through the town of that name. From then on we had a good time. We camped at Devil's Tower in Wyoming. By the time we got to Billings Montana it was snowing.I got a Hotel room much to the dismay of my granddaughters. We arrived too late for horseback riding. We saw a bear and took a slow float raft trip. Old Faithful in the snow. Hotels and more hotels. Everything in the park and Tetons is in the $300.00 range as opposed to $35.00 camping fees. Looped around the bottom of Wyoming and headed back North. Finally BOTG day. The oldest granddaughter picked the spot. Her reasoning was sound.We looked high and low. The girls went one direction and I went the other. After beating the bushes around every tree, we left without the treasure chest. I however, left with the treasure of time spent in the wild with my granddaughters. I hope they too found that treasure.About halfway home, one of the girls asked why someone would carve a Masonic symbol on the back of a large rock where no one could see it. Hmmm..If you are wise and found the blaze,..guess where I am going next summer?

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