Again I ask...What was I thinking?

Updated: Jan 8

Some people have too much time on their hands! I started making sourdough friendship bread. You make the starter and then in 10 days you have 5 batches. You keep one batch for starter, make bread with one batch and give 3 batches to friends.Well, I have no friends so I just kept the 3 extra. In 10 days I had 5 batches each for the 3 I was supposed to give away and another 5 for my starter. 20 batches. I made regular bread, crackers, Cinnamon bread, Banana bread and Pumpkin Bread. I was letting the crackers cool on top of the stove and George turned on the burner instead of the oven so that took care of one batch of crackers….there were 6 in all. I ended up going around the neighborhood giving away pumpkin bread.Thought maybe I had better stick to painting…..

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