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A cool and rainy day in Casper

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

I didn't get much work done today. Woke up with a fuzzy head. That is occurring more and more often. I don't know if it the altitude, the fact that I am sleeping in a bed (as opposed to a recliner), or whatever it is that causes the brain fog in the first place.
Anyway, the rain kept me inside today. However, I have made great strides in the yard.Waist deep weeds; gone, debris; gone, Russian Olive tree; gone, loose wood; stacked. I have been working on a flower bed on 2 sides of the yard. 1st objective is to cover gaps between the bottom of the fence and the ground. 2nd objective is to give Crysy level spaces to grow garden items or flowers. Crysy lives in a townhouse. The shallow backyard is covered by a deck. The yard that runs along the side of the house drops a full story from back to front.
It would have been a great day to work inside. If I had the shelving that I had ordered. Trying to organize things is futile if there isn't any place to put stuff. Shelving should be here Saturday. Then the fun will begin.
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