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Jewelry Making

If you have read The Adventures of Roxanne Swanson books 2 or 3 you know that Roxanne and Gabby are interested in making jewelry. A trip to the Gulf provided lots of shells for that purpose. They even tried their hands at beading.

Fence Painting

 My backyard is a jungle, literally. 95 percent shade, the only things that actually grow are sandburs, Virginia creeper and poison ivy. I have resorted to potted plants.

    I live on a sloped street. When it rains, the water from uphill makes a furious run for my patio. I fixed the problem by making a dry river to the back corner of my yard. During dry weather, the little river bed is cute with painted rocks, sea shells and colored jewels, in rainy weather its drainage keeps water from coming in the patio doors.

Although my husband sometimes thinks I am crazy, there is a method to my madness ... usually. There is usually thought on my part and a deeper meaning than the viewer sees. Welcome to my little corner of the world. Remember, I never claimed to be an artist. I am just someone who loves to draw and paint. No formal lessons and not necessarily an eye for shapes and forms.  Also remember I warned you. my yard is a jungle. A live oak tree keeps an ample amount of dead leaves on the ground ... even right after I cleaned it all. Please excuse ALL the imperfections ... there are a lot. Most of it is still in progress.

      Ever since seeing the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, I have been enamored with the fictional pirate.

     Of course, my backyard has become a hangout for pirates ever since a ship wrecked on the beach.



The peaceful citizens of Port Amani have erected a church and several business around the town square. Water will soon flow in the fountain and I simply must fix those stained glass windows and clouds.  I could try for the rest of my life and never get the prospective of the buildings correct. We will just have to go on the fact that carpenter was cross-eyed.

The panels on  sides of this will eventually be painted. In the fall, I will move that large pot to a better place. It contains a pathetic example of the wisteria plant that is vining over the trellis. I guess I should have pulled the dead stuff out before I took the picture.

Homage to "Pirates of the Caribbean." Jack Sparrow lands in Jail. I need to repaint this as it was the first one I did and is showing signs of weathering. Notice the cat. All these will eventually contain a cat. Ludwig VonDammit was my Daughter's fur baby. she brought him from Germany. She had him 18 years. In the painting above, he is on the balcony.

Swashbucklers Inn featuring candle chandelier, Jack Daniels whisky barrels and a wooden sword carved by my grandchild Miles

Woodburner for those chilly evenings at the Swashbuckler Inn

A view from corner of patio to corner of yard. Those empty pots are awaiting peach and cherry tree seedlings. Check back often for updates. Now that I am retired, this is what I do!

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