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Know what you're putting on your skin

For our nature-driven consumers, I am committed to protecting the people, environment, and oceans where materials and services are produced.

My products are 100% natural ---no chemicals

My products are cruelty-free ---no testing on animals

My products are palm oil free ---no deforestation

Beneficial ingredients in our products

Honey is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent and is primarily known for its humectant properties (humectant—a compound that attracts moisture to itself and helps retain the moisture).

Shea butter
Shea has valuable antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and emollient properties and is effective for moisturizing dry skin and protecting against the environment.

Almond oil
Almond oil soaks in quickly and is a powerful moisturizer. It also has powerful antifungal properties.

Coconut oil
Coconut oil provides a protective barrier, shielding skin from environmental toxins, dirt and other environmental pollutants. It also helps to reduce dryness and allow your skin to retain moisture.

Beeswax, which has antiseptic properties, provides a protective barrier to the skin helping protect the skin from pathogenic microorganism. It also helps lock in the skin’s moisture preventing water loss, while lubricating and softening the skin.

Coconut milk
Like coconut oil, coconut milk works as an effective cleanser and has soothing and moisturizing properties.

Epsom Salt
Epsom salt softens rough, dry skin and exfoliates dead skin cells.

My Sense of Scents

Bee Happy
Sweet Orange Essential Oil
Orange can promote positivity and create feelings of happiness. If your mood and energy are low, the refreshing and revitalizing smell of this beneficial oil can brighten your spirits.
Bee Calm

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil can ease symptoms of anxiety. Its antidepressant and sedative properties help ensures proper sleep and relaxation.

Bee Focused
Lemon Essential Oil
Lemon is the best citrus oil for people who find it difficult concentrating. It can boost your memory, concentration, and focus.
Bee Cheerful
Tangerine Essential Oil
Tangerine can lift the darkest mood. It encourages creativity.
Bee Loved
Rose Essential Oil
Rose is a powerful healer of the heart. It can simulate one to feel charity and compassion for others.
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